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About "The DIY Leader"


The DIY Leader

Leadership styles matter. I learned that the hard way.

I've had leaders who inspired me, nurtured my career growth and whom I credit for my education in the training industry. They are the reason I became a people leader. I've also had leaders who were jealous, insecure and deliberately made my life miserable in hopes that I'd quit my job (that's called constructive discharge, ya'll). Ironically, I can also credit them for where I am today. They quickly taught me "what NOT to do" as a people leader. 


Over the course of my almost 30-year career in the corporate Learning & Development space, I've been lucky enough to be a people manager (either officially or unofficially) for over half of that time.

I cultivated my leadership style organically by reading books, developing dozens of leadership courses and observing others as just mentioned. This is why I self-identify as a DIY Leader.


My greatest achievement, however, is being identified by others as a GREAT Leader. This is why I have creditability in this space.


Combine the above with my obsession with DIY home renovation projects, a shortage in the Supply Chain of "GREAT Leaders," my instructional designer background and a DIY web-development tool... and "Leadership Reno by The DIY Leader" was born. 

My desire to saturate the market with more GREAT Leaders is my mission. Making the workplace a cohesive, productive community is my goal. It all starts with GREAT leaders.

Learn how to be the type of leader whose employees identify as "a GREAT leader!"



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