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Tools of the Trade

This page contains job aids, infographics, helpful links and course materials that you might find useful. This page also contains work developed by me, so if you're looking for a representation of my work, you've found it.


However you go about doing it, become part of the #LeadershipReform movement and become a GREAT Leader yourself. It's a win/win.

Resources will continue to be added as they become available.

Becoming a GREAT Leader: Master Class Series

This series will begin with courses that delve deeper into the content that inspired the Leadership Reform podcast series, which was a collaboration project with Winning the Game of Work podcast host, Terry B. McDougall, featuring several leading experts who discuss how to eradicate toxic bosses from the workplace.

Click a thumbnail below to launch a course. Please check back often, as new courses will continue to be added as they become available.

Helpful Links for Reform


Click below to access the Flowcess website, where you can learn techniques that are proven to dissolve bullying.


Click below to access Workplace Bullying Institute 

for anti-bullying legislation information and other resources.

Click below to access

Kalyani Pardeshi,

award-winning author, Flowcess consultant and anti-bullying advocate for kids, teens and adults.


Click below to access

Terry B. McDougall,

an Executive Coach, author and host of the Winning the Game of Work podcast series.


*Or, click here for the Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying resources.

international support

Click below to access the

International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment,

to participate in international conferences.

professional resources

Click below to access

Dignity Together,

a site with numerous training, legal, peer support, and therapist resources.

virtual summits

Click below to access

Re-Define Ourselves

a subsidiary of Dignity Together that offers virtual summits for targets and managers. 

Portfolio/Content Samples

Click any of the content below to view examples of our work.

Proposal cover.jpg

Business Proposal Example

BAGL_Full infographic.png

Infographic Example

Portfolio cover.png

Creative Portfolio Presentation

dissolving bullying job aid cover.jpg

Job Aid Example

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