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Leadership Reno Wins Silver in 44th Annual Telly Awards

May 24, 2023



This is an "initial reaction" post that I just had to share immediately because I'm so excited and proud of this achievement that my hands are still shaking.

The Telly Awards emailed 2023 winners just this morning to share the news. The "official announcement" from The Telly Awards will follow this week. However, this is such an honor and such exciting news for me and Leadership Reno that I couldn't wait.

According to The Telly Awards, "winners rose above 13,000 entries from five continents and 50 countries."

I created this video last year after meeting John Lenhart and learning about his proven methodology for dissolving bullying. His methodology was the solution that I had been looking for, so immediately collaborated with him to learn more and get his permission to create an eLearning course to spread the word.

John graciously agreed and this video was the final result. It's available for free on my YouTube channel.

More to come!

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