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If anyone knows about Leadership, it's the DIY Leader.

And now, she's captured her transformational secrets in a new book, available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover.


The Ethology of Leaders

How to Leverage Leadership Lessons from the Animal Kingdom to be a GREAT Leader of People (and Increase Profits)!

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The DIY Leader

At Leadership Reno, we understand how frustrated you are with constantly hiring and training people, only to lose them within a year. We know what it's like to feel overwhelmed because you feel you have to micromanage your team to get them to do their jobs.

That's where Leadership Reno comes in. We help build GREAT leaders who inspire the best in others.

With 15 years of experience as a successful people-leader, my proven leadership methodology can transform your company into an organization that dominates the "best places to work" lists. 


Leadership matters.  People leaders are THE one key variable in the "corporate success" equation that you can directly influence. If you train your people leaders to follow my proven methodology, you will


  • create a culture of employees who are innovative, collaborative, and motivated to do their best work

  • increase employee's skills and engagement by taking interest in their growth

  • see increased productivity and reduced employee turnover and turnover costs

  • enable your strategists to get back to doing the jobs they were hired to do. 

Whether you accidentally "stumbled in here" or intentionally searched for us, I'm glad you're here! Refer to the About tab to learn how I got here.

This site is dedicated to the GREAT Leaders who have impacted my life... and my endeavor to create more of them.

"Renovating the workforce by building GREAT leaders."

Testimonials (via LinkedIn)

Keyboard and Mouse

Corporate Strategy Project Manager

"Lisa is a true leader who is personable and easy to work with. She has the ability to lead a team in the right direction to support business goals while at the same time influencing her team to strive for excellence just as she strives for excellence in everything that she does. Her quiet style of management and leadership is a refreshing approach from the often belligerent managers and directors who seem to think that the best way to influence a team is to beat them into submission. Lisa listens to her team and values their input but is not afraid to disagree and redirect when necessary. Lisa encourages greatness and reflects this in all that she does.

"I had the privilege of working with the Lisa when I led the leadership development function at Coca-Cola Enterprises. During that time, she and I focused on the design, development and implementation of a self-paced 13-course, eLearning Leadership Development curriculum. It was the first of its kind for CCE. Lisa’s contribution to this very successful and highly visible project cannot adequately be expressed in words. Her keen instructional design expertise, incredible attention to detail, effective consultation skills and outstanding work ethic always exceeded expectations. She also single-handedly managed the translation component of this project for our Dutch and French-speaking colleagues in Europe. She is truly a category of one!

VP Global Education and Enablement

"Lisa was an amazing mentor as I navigated the instructional design space and even reviewed my master's capstone as part of my graduate education. What an amazing leader and mentor.

Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Sr. Principal Instructional Designer

"I had the honor of working for Lisa over the course of nine years. Although I've had numerous great managers throughout my work life, Lisa is at the top of my list as an exceptional and innately supportive people leader who consistently garners immense loyalty from her direct reports. My continued long-term tenure is a direct reflection of being part of Lisa's team. In my experience, she is a strong advocate for her high-performing team of instructional designers and learning consultants. I appreciate that she assigns projects that match my skillset, strengths, and interests that ultimately adds value to the organization while meeting my needs as a highly motivated individual contributor. She is innovative and always seeks new methods and tools to address issues that arise and encourages her team to think out-of-the-box to come up with new and improved solutions. Her "secret powers" are to create and maintain a strong and supportive sense of community in the organization, while energizing and motivating her team to strive for optimal output. If the opportunity arose, I would not hesitate to work with Lisa again.

Keyboard and Mouse

"Lisa hired me as an instructional designer and she was my manager for eight years. Lisa managed a team of highly-skilled instructional designers who designed and developed synchronous and asynchronous curricula for several of our high-visibility product lines. She was not only a reliable and forward-thinking curriculum manager, but she was also an inspiring, motivational, and successful leader. As a leader, she established connections with others throughout the organization to build trust, share ideas, and accomplish work. Lisa is a positive-thinking role model who has the innate ability to develop her team by cultivating their strengths, giving encouragement, and coaching them to self-actualize. She always provided a positive and professional work environment which she generated to her team. This would not have been possible without the genuine devotion inspired by her true leadership skills. Lisa is an incredible leader, manager, and a person whom I hold in the highest esteem.

"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa for eight years and it’s been a joy being a part of her team. Lisa inspires loyalty because she trusts in her team’s professionalism and expertise. She encourages collaboration, always being open to ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. She is adept at conflict resolution and managing to deadlines. I’ve had many managers throughout my career and Lisa is at the very top of the list for whom I’d work for again and again.

"It has been my pleasure to have worked with Lisa at two different companies during my career. First, we worked together at Coca-Cola Enterprises for several years over a decade ago. More recently, I worked on Lisa’s team at Infor as an instructional designer from February 2018 to December 2021. Lisa is a gifted and talented director. Lisa devotes her time and energy to leading her team. Lisa creates high-performing teams with her uniquely motivating management style. She believes in her people and builds them up to work together and collaborate. Lisa can find solutions to technical problems that plague instructional design projects. Lisa is well organized and can lead large meetings so that everyone feels heard, yet the meeting stays on task. I have witnessed Lisa deliver unwelcomed news to customers and employees, and she did so with grace and honesty. Lisa also works well outside her department. She would often collaborate with other teams, customers, stakeholders, and technical experts to ensure everyone aligns with the same vision. My advice for any organization considering Lisa is to hire her before your competitor does. She will be a competitive edge at any organization she joins.

Sr. Principal Instructional Designer & Lead ID

Sr. Principal Instructional Designer & Lead ID

Director, Learning Product Development

Sr. Principal Instructional Designer & Lead ID

"I’ve worked with Lisa for many years. Lisa is a great manager – smart, empathetic, authentic, and level-headed. Her qualities inspire trust and increase employee engagement. Lisa encourages feedback and truly listens to concerns. Lisa is consistent and reliable. She understands team members strengths and weaknesses and recognizes improvements and contributions, and rewards employees for great work. As a leader, she makes decisions and accepts responsibility for those decisions. In addition, Lisa is an innovator and willing to try new things for better work outcomes and customer satisfaction. Lisa doesn’t avoid conflict and encourages teamwork. Lisa is a wonderful person and asset to any company or organization.

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